Bullied By Offshore Forex Brokers

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dash are gaining popularity with a wide spectrum of consumers who use digital currencies on a daily basis. But, as one can only assume scammers are not oblivious to this trend and are using a variety of schemes such as HYIPs, Ponzi Schemes, Pyramid schemes, and Forex scams to bait unsuspecting victims. One such scam is dubiously named Bitcoin Up, and our staff has decided to test it out because it seemed so easy to use and profitable. After investing we were literally bullied by an offshore Forex broker named “Brokerz” when we decided to cash out our initial investment. They simply would not hear of it, and we found ourselves subjected to various scam tactics such as threats, and verbal abuse which was designed to get us to keep investing. Initially we started to threaten back and told this broker that we will be placing a refund request with Visa, and that’s when everything went silent. After a month we received a notification that the amount was credited back to our card and that is where things remain until today. We recommend that our viewers do some proper research and check before investing as that is the best way to save yourself the headache and grief associated with e-bullies and scammers who are out to get your money.

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