Have you ever been bullied online?

Like every time you post something online, that one person would come at you with a reason why you’re wrong. Then they use another opportunity to belittle you.

That person is referred to as your e-bully. That’s right. They bully you electronically just as they would offline, however, not physically.

“Not all forms of abuse leave bruises.”

Many people don’t understand that the words they write to another human being can be hurtful in many ways. Online bullying can take a toll on a person because it’s hard to read motives behind text.

Although this happens a lot among young people, plenty of adults are e-bullies. They tag people on certain articles or they post pictures online to get a laugh or a like. To them it’s like a slap behind the head as someone passes by. When they do it often enough, they become known for it, just like a school bully would be known for their actions around campus.

This site is all about educating people on what an e-bully is and how to spot one or not become one. Do your best to spread kindness among each other.